Male Pattern Baldness

DHT and Male Pattern Baldness

If you are going to try to cure your male pattern baldness you want to make sure that you are going to use a treatment that is going to work effectively right away. The only way to do that is to use a male pattern baldness treatment that has proven itself effective at ensuring that those that take it not only see results, but see results almost immediately.


Male pattern baldness is caused by an overactive hormone known as DHT. DHT is created when testosterone combines with an enzyme known as five alpha reductase. The hormone, however, is more powerful than testosterone is, and unlike testosterone, has absolutely nothing to do in your body. Because it has a purpose, it ends up traveling around in your body until it finds location for it to rest. That location tends to be on your hair follicles. As soon as a DHT lands on your hair follicles, it prevents nutrients from being absorbed by those follicles in order to create new hairs.

Treating it Early

As long as you are able to treat it early, this problem can be stopped before it gets out of hand. DHT related hair loss that is caught before it has a chance to get too bad can be not only treated but reversed.

But if you do not get it treated, you are going to find that all of the hair loss that you experience ends up becoming permanent. That is because once your hair follicles have not been able to receive nutrients over a long period of time, they start to fall out.

Normally when a hair falls out it is brought back by your hair follicles which essentially act as roots like a tree or a plant. But once those follicles fall out, your body cannot re-grow them, and all of the hair in those areas will never be able to grow back again without surgery.

That is what male pattern baldness is. It is when you let your DHT related hair loss get so out of hand that the hair follicles have fallen out and can ever grow back. And that is why it is so important to start treating your male pattern baldness as soon as you can, using an all natural formula that can find in a product known as Procerin. Procerin is the most effective natural product for curing male pattern baldness effectively, without any side effects.

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